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What Artists are Saying about Art Alternatives

“I've been painting on location in Maui, Hawaii for 30 years. I have over 300 cataloged pastels and nowhere in my collection is a stick of PR122 magenta. I bought your 24 color set just to get that color, not knowing that I would get a full strength PB:15 cyan phthalo blue and a dual-toned Indian yellow at the same time. That's 3 perfect primaries while the other pastel companies don't even have one. I'm very pleased with all of your pastels. They work very well with my Real Color Wheel matching pigments to nature. This latest pastel has been amazing. I'm working on a board with acrylic texture on it. That means I can revert back to the bare board anytime I feel like it. I'm working on the computer and the painting all throughout the day, and night. Since my flowers are showing signs of aging I have been changing the painting as I rework new areas to keep up with the flowers. I just love being an artist. Thank you.” Don Jusko

Donald Jusko began delving into the arts after first owning his own advertising agency in San Francisco. In 1976 he turned full circle and came to Maui to paint on location full time. That was the beginning of his Real Color Wheel. Thirty years later he's still painting on location, and now also prints his paintings on canvas. Don's advice as an artist is: “Color is everything. Don't copy from photographs - paint from life, don't use black pigments (I get rich darks even with pastels without black). Paint the bird before it flies away” Learn more about Don and check out his work at
“The quality and price are amazing! While shopping for canvas at my usual art supply store I noticed Art Alternatives canvas and was surprised at the affordable pricing (less than half of what I had been paying for canvas.) On closer visual inspection the canvas are neat, straight (no bows) and nicely braced. Buying a few sizes, I went to my studio and over a few days painted a few works, all of them now hanging in homes. The quality was so wonderful – the surface was very fine and colors very brilliant on them – I went back straight away and bought a pick-up truck load of them to stock my studio. I am in love with Art Alternatives canvas and have been spoiled by it – the quality and affordability of them - they are an integral part of my artistic plans. The people who have paintings painted on Art Alternatives canvas love how neat the backs of them are, and how light they are. As a matter of fact, we hung a 48" x 72" painting last night at a client’s new house and they went on and on and on. Of course they loved the painting but they also loved the canvas, too! Thanks for a great, affordable product!” Sayward Duffano

Sayward Duffano is known for her unique approach to nearly everything she creates. Born in Spokane, WA and growing up in San Antonio, TX, she always loved to draw, and art class was her favorite. She always knew art was going to play a prominent role in her life. Learn more about Sayward and check out her work at
Art Alternatives Canvas is truly the best canvas I have worked with. I use both the Studio and Gallery canvas and I am now officially spoiled. Each canvas is a work of art with perfectly flat folded corners and an amazingly smooth work surface. The feature that really puts Art Alternatives above the rest is the fact that the support bars do not touch the paint surface. I sometimes paint very thin glazes, if my brush hits a support bar the effect is ruined. Art Alternatives shows constant attention to the details and it definitely shows in the finished product.” Sherry Francalancia

Born and raised in the New Orleans area, Sherry is a member of The New Orlean’s Art Association, the Metairie Art Guild and the Slidell Art League. She works for David Art Center in Metairie, LA. See her work at

“These mini 2x2 canvases are a treat to work with! The perfect size when you are experimenting with a new technique. Pair the canvases together and create so many possibilities!” Claudine Hellmuth

Claudine Hellmuth is a nationally recognized collage artist, author and illustrator. She combines photos, paint, paper and pen into quirky, whimsical-retro collages that she calls Poppets®. Visit her website at:

Art Alternatives Gallery Stretched Canvas is perfect for my working methods. I teach mixed water media, collage and experimental painting techniques. This versatile primed canvas gives the students the challenge of designing around the corners for a 3-D effect and accepts the mixed media well. It provides a wonderful elastic surface the students and I love. As an added benefit, the finished painting does not need a frame – it is complete as is, or the artist can add a plexiglass box or frame of choice for a shadow box effect.” Mary Alice Braukman

Mary Alice Braukman received her B.S. degree in art education and fine arts from Florida State University and continued her graduate studies at the University of Colorado and the University of Southern Colorado. She is a signature member of several prestigious art societies, including the National Watercolor Society and has been published in a variety of books and magazines. She is represented by the Nancy Markoe Gallery, St. Petersburg Beach, FL and the Sea Island Art Gallery, Greenville, SC. The former Director of the famed Kanuga Watercolor Workshops in North Carolina, Mary Alice continues to juror shows, lecture and teach workshops throughout the United States. Visit her website at
“I purchased seven of the 24" x 48" Studio Stretched Canvases and am currently using them to paint Michigan lake scenes, in a series, using different color schemes. As an artist I greatly appreciate the good quality, including the triple priming, the excellent stretcher bracing (corners, yeah!) and the "clean" edges method of stretching. Thank you!” Dale E. Williams

“This is a very big sketch book it has 696 pages. Fairly decent pages, it has nice binding and it probably weighs more than one of my dogs. It is unbelievably thick, unbelievably heavy and everyone wants to get one of them, in my house at least!” Danny Gregory

In October 2007 we sent artist and blogger Danny Gregory one of our giant Coffee Table Sketch Books. On his blog Danny writes little essays about creativity and art and he posts his drawings and watercolors so we figured he would like sketching on the 696 pristine white acid-free pages in the book. What we didn’t figure is how much he and his son would LOVE the book. They loved it so much that they made a video about about an enthusiastic reception! Check out the duo’s fun and creative video on Danny’s blog by clicking on the image to the left. Visit