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4-Piece Combo Geometry Sets
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Packaged in a plastic pouch with two divided pockets, these sets each contain a 180í Protractor, 45í and 60í triangles with beveled inking edges and a 6", 8" or 12" ruler. The rulers and triangles all have inch and centimeter calibrations. The sets with the 6" and 8" rulers have holes on the side of the pouch so that they can be stored in a 3-ring binder.
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4-Piece Combo Geometry Sets    
Item # Description Price
AA27022 Combo Geometry Set w/ 12" Ruler - Peggable $8.95
AA27026 Combo Geometry Set w/ 6" Ruler - Peggable $3.95
AA27028 Combo Geometry Set w/ 8" Ruler - Peggable $5.95
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