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Economy Acrylics
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These non-toxic and non-separating medium-bodied studio acrylics offer excellent mixing characteristics and dry to a water-proof satin finish. Ideal for large applications, schools, clubs, painting parties and other bulk needs. Colors come in pints and half gallon bottles. A lockable pump (AA91060) is available for the half gallon bottles.
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Table 1
Half Gallon Bottles    
Item # Description Price
AA91031 Black $22.99
AA91032 Bright Red $22.99
AA91033 Burnt Umber $22.99
AA91034 Cobalt Blue $22.99
AA91035 Emerald Green $22.99
AA91036 Orange $22.99
AA91037 Ultramarine Blue $22.99
AA91038 Violet $22.99
AA91039 White $22.99
AA91040 Yellow $22.99
AA91041 Burnt Sienna $22.99
AA91042 Magenta $22.99
AA91043 Pthalo Green $22.99
AA91044 Warm Red $22.99
AA91045 Warm Yellow $22.99
AA91046 Yellow Ochre $22.99
Table 2
Pint Bottles    
Item # Description Price
AA91001 Black $8.49
AA91002 Bright Red $8.49
AA91003 Burnt Umber $8.49
AA91004 Cobalt Blue $8.49
AA91005 Emerald Green $8.49
AA91006 Orange $8.49
AA91007 Ultramarine Blue $8.49
AA91008 Violet $8.49
AA91009 White $8.49
AA91010 Yellow $8.49
AA91011 Gold $9.49
AA91012 Silver $9.49
AA91013 Burnt Sienna $8.49
AA91014 Magenta $8.49
AA91015 Pthalo Green $8.49
AA91016 Warm Red $8.49
AA91017 Warm Yellow $8.49
AA91018 Yellow Ochre $8.49
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