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Self-Healing Cutting Mat Sets
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Proper cutting requires a sharp blade and a cutting mat. These sets are perfect for designers, scrapbookers, calligraphers or anyone who crops a lot of photos. Protect your work surface from sharp blades, writing instruments and other art and craft tools. Cut paper, film, textiles and more. The cutting mat+s resilient surface heals so completely that cutting leaves no visible trace. The mat is 3mm thick featuring 5-layer PVC construction. Its non-slip, non-glare surface is printed with a 1/2" grid with 1/8" marks for precise alignment. The mat won+t break down with repeated use and actually prolongs the life of the knife blade. You can even use both sides. The Aluminum Art Knife features a safety cap and comes with three replacement blades (4 blades in all).
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Self-Healing Cutting Mat Sets    
Item # Description Price
AA17951 5" x 7" Self-Healing Cutting Mat Kit - Peggable $11.95
AA17952 9" x 12" Self-Healing Cutting Mat Kit - Peggable $16.45
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