Product Safety Information

Art Alternatives is committed to being compliant with all industry and federal requirements. All of our products conform to LHAMA, CPSIA and all other federal product safety guidelines. Much of the conformity information can be found on our General Conformity Certificates (GCCs) or on (M)SDS sheets. If you need additional details about specific products, please email us at

2009 Young Artist Easel Recall (item AA13301): If you have an older model of our children's easel and need a replacement chalkboard please email us at or call (800) 289-9800 x6616.

General Conformity Certificates

For all products manufactured on or after February 10, 2010, Art Alternatives will have all required "General Conformity Certificates" (GCCs) available for download on this website. Only items that fall under the CPSIAs regulations will have a GCC. If an item is not required to have a GCC, no certificate will be provided.

Product Item Number UPC
Art Party Super Set AA1007 082435010076
Imagination Station Set AA1008 082435010083
Rainbow Marker Sets AAV-FAN-AAV-FANMINI 082435298733-082435298726
Canvas Linen White Gesso - All Sizes AA58300-AA58359 082435583006-082435583594
Canvas Premium Gallery - All Sizes AA5353-AA5376 082435053530-082435053769
Canvas Premium Studio - All Sizes AA5308-AA5325 082435053080-082435053257
Canvas Gallery Black - All Sizes AA5222-AA5235 082435052229-0824350552359
Canvas Studio Black - All Sizes AA5200-AA5213 082435052007-082435052137
Studio Acrylics AA91001-AA91040 082435910017-082435910406
82 Piece Color Creativity Set AA1004 082435010045
Aria Figure Drawing Introduction Set AA1005 082435010052
Canvas Mini - All Sizes AA10100-AA10112, AA10106PK3-AA10112PK3 082435101002-082435101163
Mini Canvas & Easel Set 3" x 3" AA10117 082435101170

Extra-Fine, Fine and Broad Nib Pen Sets & Assortment
AA10200-AA10203 082435102009-082435102030
Ink Cartridges AA102014 082435102146
No-Shellac India Black Ink AA10221 082435102214
Children’s Easel Accessories Set AA11110 082435111100
Junior Brush & Smock Set AA11111 082435111117
Young Artist Easel AA13305 082435133058
Art Activity Easel AA13325 082435133256
Woodless Graphite Set AA16001 082435160016
Compressed Charcoal Sets AA17760-AA17762 082435177601, 082435177618, 082435177625
Charcoal Pencil Set AA16002 082435160023
Calligraphy Set AA16003 082435160030
Clutch Pencil Set AA16004 082435160047
5.6mm Assorted Graphite Leads Set of 4 AA16005 082435160054
5.6mm Assorted Color Pastel Leads AA16007 082435160078
Water Color Set AA16020 082435160207
12 Piece Sketching Tin Set AA16021 082435160214
24 Piece Sketching Tin Set AA16022 082435160221
12 Piece Drawing Tin Set AA16023 082435160238
24 Piece Drawing Tin Set AA16024 0824350160245
Plaster Wrap - All Sizes AA17330-AA17331 082435173306-082435173313
Natural Vine Charcoal Sets & Assortment - All Textures AA17750-AA17758 082435177502-082435177588
Soft Pastels Sets AA17770-AA17781 082435177700-082435177816
Canvas Elements - All Sizes AA49000-AA49050 082435560113-082435490052
Canvas Economy - All Sizes AA5030-AA5208 082435050287-082435050300
Canvas Economy Value Pak- All Sizes AA5108-AA5134 082435051086-082435051345
Canvas Studio - All Sizes AA5501-AA5559 082435055015-082435055596
Canvas Gallery - All Sizes AA5601-AA5657 082435056012 - 082435056579
Canvas 3" Deep - All Sizes AA5705-AA5774 082435057057-082435057743
Canvas Linen Clear Gesso - All Sizes AA5803-AA5870 082435058030-082435058702
Canvas 5 oz. Primed Poly-Cotton Blend Rolls AA5921 082435059211
Canvas Primed Black Rolls AA5949 082435059495
Canvas Primed 7 oz. & 10 oz. Cotton Duck Rolls AA5923-AA5936 082435059235-082435059365
Canvas Linen Panels Clear Gesso- All Sizes AA6908-AA6926 082435069081-082435069265
Canvas 7 oz. Cotton Panels - All Sizes AA7001-AA7058 082435070018-082435070582
Canvas Black Panels - All Sizes AA7072-AA7077 082435070728-082435070773
Canvas Pad - All Sizes AA72000-AA72004 082435720005-082435720043
Children's Paint & Draw Easel AA13320 082435133201
Acrylic Paint 12-Color Tube Set AA1101 082435011011
Watercolor 36-Color Pan Set AA1113 082435011134
Watercolor 12-Color Tube Set AA1115 082435011158
Sketching 12-Piece Set AA1140 082435011400
Charcoal 12-Piece Drawing Set AA1145 082435011455
Colored Pencil 24-Color Set AA1150 082435011509
Watercolor Pencil 12-Color Set AA1155 082435011554
Oil Pastel 24-Color Set AA1165 082435011653
Children's Table Top Easel AA13300 082435133003
Markers 36-Color Set AA1170 082435011707
50 Piece Colored Pencil Set AA1152 082435011523
Material Safety Data Sheets (M)SDS

Art Alternatives offers material data safety information (M)SDS about the chemicals used in our products.